Friday, January 06, 2012

We are Hiring! We are Looking for a Rockstar Sales/Support Rep (Work from Home).

Are you a highly motivated email marketing expert looking to work from home and delight your customers? JangoMail is seeking a detail-oriented and experienced rockstar Sales and Support Rep to join our tight-knit, nimble, unique, and fun team. If you enjoy and excel at customer service, understand email marketing concepts, have a solid sales foundation with both prospective and existing clients, and are proud of your web savviness, we want to hear from you!

My name is Ajay, and I'm the founder and CEO of JangoMail, a small but quickly growing web-based email marketing plaform. What is JangoMail? JangoMail is a highly profitable, rapidly growing and successful web-based email marketing system that allows businesses to create, send, and track email campaigns. JangoMail was launched in 2001 and has over 4,000 customers worldwide in a variety of sizes and industries. JangoMail is strictly opt-in and does not allow the use of purchased, rented or harvested lists with our system. We offer two services: and You would assist customers with both services.


As our resident rockstar Sales and Support Rep, you would be responsible for helping us grow our client base by developing great customer relationships and turning prospects into customers. At JangoMail, we use a customer-initiated sales approach so we're not looking for someone to just coldcall prospects and see who bites - we want someone who has the trifecta of sales experience, customer service excellence, and tech support ability to answer product and pricing questions from prospective clients, demo the product and explain how our features meet their technical needs, and get a trial user confident enough to convert to a paying client. Prospects come to us with interest and questions: you close the sales. Though you don't necessarily need a tech support background, you must be an exceptionally skilled user who can explain the product to new non-geek users, answer questions about technical specs, and help clients understand how our software meets their needs. Our ideal candidate would also have the solid sales background to help guide and improve JangoMail's sales strategies. You can be located anywhere in the country provided you have a suitable home office from which to work.


*Answer customer sales inquiries via phone call and email.

*Explain features of JangoMail to interested parties and proactively demonstrate product value to potential and current customers.

*Develop good customer relationships and increasing brand loyalty.

*Help new customers gain confidence in product use and work to move trial users to paying customers.

*Proactively reach out to current clients about deeper product features to improve their experience and develop product loyalty.

*Identify new potential product features and developments based on customer needs.

*Manage customer requests for upgrades, product pricing, and product overviews.


*Superior written communication. (This is one of the most important qualities when I hire.  You must have a strong command of the English language.)

*Experience using email marketing products and knowledge of email marketing concepts like "open-tracking," "click-tracking," and "deliverability."

*Excellent customer service skills. You can't just be a sales whiz; you also need to genuinely enjoy helping customers and have the knowledge and personality to teach the technology.

*A mastery of Windows and Microsoft Office, especially Word, Excel, and Access.

*The more technical and web savvy you are, the better. You need to know the client side of email marketing and have some background in SaaS applications, HTML, and software support or sales. You get the point: non-geek sales people need not apply.

*Amazing multitasking skills paired with incredible organization and attention to detail.

*The ability to lead and carry out tasks independently from a home office. JangoMail is based in Dayton, Ohio, but this particular associate can work from anywhere in the country provided a proper home office environment is available.

To apply, please email your application to sales-search at (Replace at with an @ sign.). Your cover letter should be the body of the email message, and you should attach your resume in .rtf (Rich Text Format) format. I love detail -- the more detail you convey about yourself in your cover letter, the better!

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