Friday, March 02, 2012

How to select images for your marketing material

Guest post from Fotolia, a leading provider of royalty-free images.

Adding visual appeal to all kinds of material from campaigns to blogs to newsletters grabs the audience’s attention. That’s why marketing professionals rely on imagery to enhance their campaigns and overall messaging strategy.

Here are 5 tips to help you select the perfect fit for that added, and much deserved, side of “visual punch”.

Rule # 1: Use your image to communicate
A picture is worth a thousand words, and is indeed a clever and fun way to help your content speak volumes. The right image will not only complement what you have to say, but the message you want to deliver. Keep in mind that you want your image to make a statement. Choose one that is unique and specific to the feel and tone of your content.

Rule # 2: Be bold
This is your opportunity to think outside the box. Avoid taking the easy route of choosing an image that has a direct correlation with your topic. Consider other angles. There are millions upon millions of royalty-free images available to you, so have fun with your image browsing and dare to be different.

Rule# 3: People like to look at people
Consider using images that feature people as an effective way to reach your audience. Studies show that one of the reasons Facebook is such a hit is because of people’s fascination with looking at other individuals. For the most part, human beings feel a need to relate to others.

Rule # 4: Mind your colors & contrast
Aside from selecting an image that suits your overall theme and message, pay attention to colors and contrast – they’re both very important key factors in conveying the “wow” appeal you’re aiming for. The colors delivered in your image should complement the remainder of your content, including font styles and other colors that you may be using.

Rule # 5: Customize
This is where you can have the most fun with your images, stand out from the competition and be unique. Who’s to say that all you see is all you get? Modify your image to suit your needs, as long as you have the rights to do so. Turn your image into something that completely embodies what you want to communicate. The avenues for creativity are limitless and you better believe no one else will have an image like yours.

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