Friday, July 06, 2012

Salesforce Synchronization is Here

Consistency is a beautiful thing. JangoMail users have long made use of their Salesforce accounts, connecting to the big-name business management platform to pull contacts and leads for use in broadcast email marketing campaigns. Today we introduce the next step in Salesforce integration for JangoMail, synchronization.

Synchronization updates list members on Salesforce with data from JangoMail campaigns. Now when an email campaign recipient unsubscribes from a campaign on JangoMail for example, that recipient's email address can now be marked as "Opted Out of Email" on Salesforce automatically, synchronizing Salesforce with the latest information from JangoMail.

The feature requires just a few steps to setup on Salesforce and JangoMail and you can be on your way to synchronized accounts in minutes. Once the feature is enabled, the sync happens behind the scenes on a daily basis, you'll only be notified in the event of an error.

Features like this come from customers with big email marketing needs. Don't be shy, let us know what would give you the best experience possible! We'll do our best to develop it. We hope you had a great 4th of July, and happy emailing!