Friday, June 29, 2012

Introducing Account Restrictions

We added a new feature. It started with a customer.
It would be cool if JangoMail had a separate login for a marketing team member, just to handle the email crafting part of the campaign. And another login for a developer, just to manage the email list and databases part of the campaign.... And another for the manager, to handle the tracking and click reports...
So we made customizable logins for JangoMail.

How does it work?

When you create a JangoMail account, you immediately have access to a number of powerful tools.

Other Logins is one that allow you to create separate usernames and passwords for different members of the team to access the same JangoMail account. Now with Access Restrictions, you can customize login experiences by granting or restricting access to features that fit or don't fit the team member's role.

To get started in JangoMail.comGo to My Account-->Other Logins and create a new login for your account.

You'll notice an "Access Restrictions" tab, allowing you switch on or off different parts of JangoMail for each login you create.

Now you can customize the JangoMail experience for every member of your team!

Continue sending feature ideas our way. We love morphing customer feedback into product that serves the customer better. Expect more features on the way as we work to lead the industry. Thanks for using JangoMail.