Thursday, January 10, 2013

The new is live!

Our new JangoMail website is truly all about YOU.

Since we started out, it’s been our only mission to do what we do best – by listening to you, our customers. We’ve always asked for input, feedback, and for you to be brutally honest about what we can do better. And when you responded, our design team went straight to work.

The result is a that’s easier to read and navigate … featuring more comprehensive data about our growing list of intuitive features. The snappy, new color scheme is pretty neat, too.

JangoMail now features your very own customized, segmented content area, too. Whether you’re a Marketing or Brand pro who wants an off-the-shelf solution, or a Developer or IT guru looking to get your hands on some raw code.  You’ll find everything you need to know to make the most of your email marketing.

Plus, we’ll show you the popular features your peers are using right now. (And you might want to take advantage of, too.)

Who is Jack the Jangolope? Like the now confirmed existence of our new mascot, JangoMail has proven that myth can really become reality when it comes to the once unattainable tools for highly successful email marketing. In other words, if our customers can dream it – our team will do its very best to create a tool, technology or feature they need to succeed.

Like our new homepage asks: Are you ready to make your email marketing the stuff of legends? Take a look around. Let us now what you think. Contact us if you have any questions. We may be taking a few minutes to catch our breath after working on our new website. But, you’d better believe we’ll still be on the lookout for your continued feedback to keep making JangoMail the best if can be for you.

Special thanks to our JangoMail development team for making our new website a reality!