Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Make The Most Of The 'Madness' this Month

Last year, Twitter users sent over two million Tweets about March college basketball tourneys.

March College BasketballWhile the 'madness' may not be the highlight of everyone's month, there are times you need to send updates and alerts to large, specialized groups before the buzzer.

Here are some hypotheticals:
  • You're a coach, and team parents would love to see a video of that miracle play from the big championship game
  • You're a restauranteur, and you need to get the word out that there will be half-priced mudslides during the Padres' home opener
  • You're the bracket-master, and lunch is on Glenn in Accounting since he just pulled ahead in points

Forget bulletin boards. JangoMail's email distribution list feature (listserv) is an easy way to get everyone on the same page about brackets, club news, special events and more.

Here's how it works:
  • Create a master email list, grouping recipients by interest (eg. college basketball fans, mudslide lovers, the Spanish club)
  • Send one email to your group's master email list (one email to one, all-inclusive email address)
  • Spark a live, ongoing email discussion. When someone replies, they can reply back to your entire list at once (eg. "This place's mudslides are epic. You should go!")

More good news:

JangoMail lets you track (opens, clicks, responses) to your email campaign in real-time to evaluate the effectiveness of your emails and re-customize, as needed. Bounce-backs and removal-requests are handled automatically. And you can add Facebook and Twitter social share links for even greater reach and viral opportunity.

Don't forget... We do surveys too!

Tie in a quick survey with your regular email campaigns. This is a great way to bring in seasonal events and unite them with your business campaigns.  For this time of year, you could throw in things like:
  • Tell us how many hours of the workday you think your organization's employees or volunteers spend creating and tracking March brackets?
  • Do you think March bracket office-play increases overall morale?
  • What is your favorite basketball-watching appetizer?

A little levity, a little fun, and a reason to do a follow up email campaign to keep your brand in front of the customers with your results ... or perhaps have them return to your web site to get the final tally!


Did we spring some ideas loose for you? We're here to help. Reach Support for assistance in getting these (or any) features set up!