Friday, August 02, 2013

Best Day/Time To Send Emails? Umm...

Would it sound facetious to say "good luck with that one"? In other words, get ready to sweat through some extensive testing. And whether you're work lies within the realm of B2C or B2B, the song remains the same.

A brief background
The golden rule of email campaigns has been to send during the workweek, and around midday (noonish) for B2C and start of day (9ish) for B2B. Thursdays were traditionally the peak of opens and clicks, and remain so (for the most part). However, as marketers begin to more diligently analyze email campaign results to optimize ROI, some interesting insights are occurring. Some campaigns are taking off on Sunday mornings. Some click-behaviors are soaring on Monday afternoons. And forget happy hour blackouts - there are actually folks clicking 4-7pm on Fridays. Huh?

Time for testing
Hard and fast rules are flying out the window. But a common denominator remains - what works for one company certainly does not mean it will work for others, even within the same vertical targets. Every business, customer, industry, event and sub-group within those can yield different results. It's simply imperative to test your open rates and monitor click behavior by sending emails on different days, analyzing peaks and trends ... and then retesting send times on "winning" days to further improve efficiency. This sounds tedious, we know. But when you consider the results, it's just common sense to Frankenstein your strategy to craft Adonis.

What's right for your recipients? 
But enough about you. What about your customers? Are you hearing what they're saying ... considering their most intimate desires? Consider their "typical" day. Put yourself in their shoes and take a thoughtful stroll. Depending upon the unique needs of each recipient, you'll find those walks can take on their own unique strides. Is your audience more likely to check email on their smartphone during the commute into work or at end of day when they finally have time to breathe? That's just one possible scenario of many. So, take a stab. The more you postulate, test and test again, the more you'll show your recipients you really care. And caring includes knowing them best by approaching them when they're potentially the most receptive.

What's working for your business? JangoMail would love to hear from you. We're also here to help any time you need us and offer customized features to help the success of all your email marketing. Until next time, have a great week!