Friday, August 16, 2013

Stop Sending So Many Emails ... Ya Think?

There are so many email marketing questions/topics/discussions out there, sometimes it's hard to isolate just one to tackle each week. So, we started asking around. Here's what we found:

(The results were random and admittedly pretty amusing.)

("Did Elvis Fake His Own Death?" was a top result. Really folks?)

(Hey there, Elton John.)

So then we got to thinking about a question we hear a lot. In fact, our clients ask us all the time. 

"How many email blasts are too many?" 

In other words, at which point do you stop informing and become annoying? Our answer is pretty standard: There is no one answer. The immediate timing of a transactional email certainly differs from a newsletter or sales-oriented blast. The answer we offer is that if you're testing and monitoring open/click rates, that should give you a pretty good indication of what's working and will continue to produce desired results. Above all, listen to your recipients and gauge reactions.

One search did produce some results we wanted to share. Quora can be a refreshing alternative to Google. It's not that this was the most original answer to the question. It's that the answer was succinct, honest - and pretty much what we've been saying all along. Here's a clip from the full entry by Lester Hein, a Marketing Consultant and verbal consumer:

"...I get an email pretty much every other day from Amazon. They send me relevant emails that actually interest me, and I don't mind, in fact, I like them. I also get an email once per week from a software company for a $5 app I bought six months ago. These bug the hell out of me, because the emails have nothing for me to be interested in or get excited about. They are irrelevant."

(To sum up ...)
"Whatever your value is, make sure your message is relevant, appropriate and timely. After all, if you give me what I want when I want it, how could that be annoying?"


Have a topic you'd like us to explore? What to see more of one topic and less of another? Let us know. Email marketing is what we do, and we'd love to hear from you any time. Until next time, have a great week!