Monday, September 16, 2013

How To: Upgrade your private label app to the new interface

JangoMail has for a long while offered a private label solution, such that you can fully brand the JangoMail solution around your own name and domain.  For more information, click here.

Given the launch of JangoMail's new interface a couple weeks ago, private label solutions can now be upgraded to use the new interface.  The one key difference in personalizing the private label application now versus in the old interface, is now you can upload a custom stylesheet (CSS file) which will override the JangoMail default styles.  Previously, you had to delinate ahead of time logo choices and color choices for certain areas of the application.  Now you have the ability to override any style by uploading your own CSS file to

To upgrade your private label solution to the new user interface, follow these steps:

1. Contact Support and ask them to convert your master account to the new UI.

2. After the appropriate response, login to your master account from website.

3. You can customize all styles within the interface by overriding the default JangoMail styles.  Upload your CSS file to  The easiest way to determine what styles to define is to use the Google Chrome browser while logged into the private label, and hover an area you'd like to change, and hit CTRL+SHIFT+C to reveal the style tag associated with that element.

In this example, the style div#wrapperNav is revealed, and can be overridden.  Create a file called CustomStyles.css and FTP it to the root of

4. You can experiment with your CustomStyles.css file on your master account until the desired look and feel is achieved.  After you are done designing, contact Support again to upgrade your sub-accounts to the new interface.