Friday, November 08, 2013

On Track With Jack: Holiday Email Guide

Hi JangoMail Users!

'Tis the season to email!  From Thanksgiving to New Years, and everything in between, the holiday season can get pretty hectic - even for a speedy jangolope like me!

When holiday competition gets fierce, will you stand apart from all of the other emails just waiting to be opened?  Whether you are a busy retailer trying to keep up, a small business offering an unbeatable service, or maybe you just have a party to plan, try one of these top email marketing trends to connect with readers:

Everyone loves a surprise! Surprise your recipients with something different that will spark an emotional connection like a holiday story, carol, or greeting card in your campaign.

Cute sells.  If you don't have a cute and cuddly mascot, use an adorable photo or graphic.  A plump smiling turkey or a cute fuzzy reindeer (I'm partial to reindeer), is a must.

Create something interactive.  Engage people with your business or message, and have fun with it! Create a video or ecard that readers can forward to friends.  JibJab offers a bunch of funny ecards you can personalize, and you can share through your email and social media.

Check out Check-in Deals.  Offer a check-in deal using Facebook or Foursquare. Use your email to kick off your upcoming deal.

And the winner is...  Everyone loves a good contest, and you can never go wrong with a Facebook or Twitter contest.  With contests, people market for you.  They share, retweet, comment, like, and vote for their favorite entry, all of which goes out to their friends and family.  You can send contest reminders and results through your email.  NOTE:  If you host a Facebook or Twitter contest make sure you follow all of their contest rules and regulations.

Don't just be the life of the party, host one.  Put a face behind the name of your brand or business, and make connections through your community that will build loyalty for years to come. Send email invitations and thank you notes.

Sharing is caring.  Organize a fundraiser, canned food drive, or adopt a family for the holidays. Encourage participation through email.

Scan, you're it!  Create a QR code for your email list / opt-in form and include it in any print and packaging materials.  Once scanned, a QR code will redirect users to your opt-in form where they can signup to receive your emails.

Go the extra mile.  Offer something extra special to your loyal readers.  Show your appreciation through a small gift of your choice.  You can also provide sneak peeks or digital perks like a podcast or ebook.

To recap: NOW is the perfect time to kick off your email marketing for the holidays. Try one of these top email marketing trends to connect with your readers!


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