Thursday, April 17, 2014

On Track With Jack: Welcome Newbees and Deliverability Buzz

Finally, spring is here! With the warm weather comes a swarm of newbees, new free trial users that is. Over the last month or so, we've had the most sign-ups to date, and today we're going to review what you need to do to get started with JangoMail.

Existing users, you can benefit from this post too. Use it as a checklist to ensure you have everything in place with your account. These steps will also help with deliverability. Check out these five simple steps to get started:

Get started in 5 Simple Steps:

Click here to Activate your account. Step 1: Activate your account. Note: Your Full-Featured Free Trial Account is valid for 30 days.
Send from your company's domain. Step 2: Send from an email address at your company's domain. If you do not have a domain, read this article.
Set Up SPF. Step 3: Set up SPF. An SPF record tells recipient servers that your JangoMail account has permission to send messages as your company.
Set Up DKIM. Step 4: Set up DKIM. Messages with DKIM signatures prove that your From Address is legitimate.
Consider Custom Tracking. Step 5: Set up Custom Tracking. A custom tracking domain adds another level of authenticity to your messages if you want to track opens or clicks.

So, what's all the buzz about deliverability? Deliverability has been a serious issue lately, not just with JangoMail, but everywhere with any ESP. In an effort to prevent spam, email clients have upped their security measures. They have gotten so strict that sometimes messages from a trusted sender falls into spam until it's added to a safe sender list.

What can you do? In addition to following the above steps, your first message should be a welcome email announcing that you've switched providers. If you're not a new user, send a just checking in message. Encourage your subscribers to do the same. Why? Once you're on their safe sender or white list, your message will stay out of spam.

In our emails, you may have noticed the link up top: Add Our Address to Your Safe Sender List. In addition to your welcome/checking in email, create your own link that will be placed at the top of all your messages moving forward. Write up a new blog post or landing page on your site that includes these steps. If you're concerned that your users never check their Spam Folder, post a guide on your website and social media networks. It will work well near your opt-in form and confirmation page.

In JangoMail, use our Delivery Optimizer, Spam Score Checker, and Delivery Health Check. Read this step by step guide on our Delivery Optimizer. View the Spam Score Checker with any broadcast message you send, and if a specific email address still isn't receiving your message, check it with the Delivery Health Check tool beside the Delivery Optimizer on the Reports page.

Think you have all your bases covered? Create and send your first email.

To recap: Follow the above steps to make sure your account is set up to properly deliver your email messages. Send a welcome email encouraging subscribers to add you to their safe sender/white list.

Still have questions? Ask. Dial 1-888-465-2646 or drop us a line here.

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