Thursday, December 04, 2014

Meet the Team - Angel Ellis

What does Star Wars, reading, and movie quotes all have in common? They have EVERYTHING to do with Angel Ellis, JangoMail's Onboarding Specialist!

Meet Angel Ellis, JangoMail's
 Onboarding Specialist
1.  What is your position at JangoMail?
Onboarding Specialist
2.  How long have you worked for JangoMail?
Since May 2013
3.  What do you like best about working for JangoMail?
I enjoy the people of JangoMail most.  Our team has created a helpful and enjoyable place to work while striving towards improvement both individually and as a team.  Professionally, each of us has specific strengths to put forth.  Relationally, we're all quirky individuals.  Altogether, it makes working for JangoMail a fun and fulfilling experience.
 4.  What feature do you like most?
Personalization.  Whether it's simply adding a first name to make it personal or employing conditional logic to tailor a completely unique message for your recipient, personalization can truly set you apart from other marketers.  The possibilities are limited purely by your imagination.
5.  What is your educational background or what experience led you here?
My educational background is in Biblical Studies, and I have customer service experience.
6.  What is your favorite hobby / pastime?
I would definitely say reading or spending time with family and friends.  Whether it's a lazy night in or an evening combo of dinner and a movie, I love both! Also, I'm a closet nerd that thoroughly enjoys Star Wars and Lord of the Rings.  While I certainly haven't read them all, I am enjoying the ones I am.  Bring on the books! 
7.  What is your guilty pleasure?
Chocolate.  Specifically, Dove Milk Chocolate and Kit Kats!
8. Any interesting facts you'd like to share?
I have a tendency to use quotes from movies or TV shows as standard fare in conversation.  It isn't always something obvious!  It could be a completely normal phrase with the right inflection that calls to mind a certain movie.  Most of the time, I just get blank stares in response, but there are those rare times when I get a look that says, "I understand that reference!"