Wednesday, December 31, 2008

JangoMail Tip: Random Selection of Members

Giving a few subject lines a try before a big mailing? You need a quick and easy way to send to only a random sampling of your list.

JangoMail supports this need, whether you are querying your database directly (Extract from My Database) or selecting members from Groups stored within JangoMail.

The key is to add "order by newid()" to the end of the SQL query you are using to specify criteria for your mailing.

In a JangoMail Group, you would use the Filter and Send tool. From the main Filter and Send screen, Switch to the Advanced Query Editor. Now, you can set your message criteria, and add in the random selection. In the following example, we are selecting 5 random members of the Group, Web Customers.

When the Filter is executed, we will be ready to send to 5 members of this Group.