Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Option: Transactional Groups

To support Reporting for messages sent under the new SendTransactionalEmail API method, you can now specify Transactional Groups to store data on messages sent via the API. JangoMail shows Reporting for transactional emails sorted by Group so that you can see metrics on these messages combined together.

By default, all accounts come with a Default Transactional Group. When calling SendTransactionalEmail, the message becomes part of the "Default" group unless otherwise specified. All reporting for these mailings will be categorized as part of the Default Group.

If you have multiple types of transactional emails, then you will want to specify the Transactional Group to which the message belongs when you call the method. You can now setup Transactional Groups under My Options --> Transactional Groups.

For example, you can create a specific Group, like "Order Confirmations," and then specify that Group when calling the method, then you'll see Reporting on those messages combined together.