Wednesday, January 28, 2009

API Update: New Option for SendTransactionalEmail

JangoMail has enhanced the new SendTransactionalEmail method to support our customers who may need to allow recipients to unsubscribe from marketing campaigns, but continue to receive transactional emails related to their accounts (confirmations, passwords, receipts, etc.), then we have enhanced the new SendTransactionalEmail.

Now, the SendTransactionalEmail method allows you to specify a parameter within the "Options" to handle this. Set "SkipUnsubCheck=True", to prevent JangoMail from first checking the address against your account's unsubscribe list and removing those who have unsubscribed from regular marketing campaigns. By default, if this parameter is not specified, "SkipUnsubCheck" is "False" and will continue to check for unsubscribes normally.

For detailed documentation on this method, go to: