Friday, January 23, 2009

Update to DKIM Signatures on Outbound Email Messages

We have updated the DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) signatures that appear in outbound email messages sent from JangoMail.

Specifically, we are now using "v=1" instead of "v=0.5" and "q=dns/txt" instead of "q=dns" in the DKIM-Signature header.

These changes were made to comply to the latest RFC 4871 for the DKIM Base Specification, and so that JangoMail email messages pass the DKIM verifier on all major DKIM reflector services, including those offered by, Sendmail, and Port 25.

Sending emails to these email addresses from your JangoMail account will generate a reply email showing the result of the DKIM verifier:

1. (Port 25)
2. (
3. (Sendmail)

Prior to the change, JangoMail emails were failing the Port 25 verifier. Now with the change, JangoMail emails pass all 3 tests.