Monday, May 11, 2009

New Feature: Determine Size of Email Before Sending

You can now determine the size of your email message using the Spam Check tool on the Send Email page.

Why would I care about the size of my email message?

JangoMail measures both number of emails sent and total data bytes sent from your account. Both are a factor in your account's pricing. Now, the Spam Check tool will include the exact size of your email message in bytes, taking into account the HTML/Plain Text parts, any attachments, and embedded images, if you choose to set your email marketing campaign that way.

Here's a live example from our customer, Popcorn Palace:

And here is the result of the Spam Check:

The size of this email at 191 KB is bigger than the average email marketing message, and that's because it's using the Embedded Images feature, which encodes the content of each image within the actual email content, rather than referencing the images off a web server.

If this email did not use the Embedded Images feature, the total size would be around 1,500 bytes, or 1.5 KB, for a size savings of over 99%!