Friday, May 08, 2009

New Feature: Pause/Resume an email marketing campaign in progress

Did you hit Send by mistake? Did you just notice that your Subject line is spelled wrong, but you already hit Send?

You can now Pause and Resume an email marketing campaign in progress.

Go to Reporting, find your campaign, and click the red PAUSE link. You may also click the status message to the left in parentheses to see the sending progress of your email campaign. Click the parenthetical status and the popup will show you many messages in your email campaign have been sent and how many remain to be sent.

Here is a live example from our client, Popcorn Palace:

Click the red PAUSE link to pause an email marketing campaign.

After clicking PAUSE, the email campaign is paused and the text changes to RESUME. If you made a mistake in the content of your email, you can go back to the Send Email tab, and make any necessary edits.
Click the RESUME link to continue the sending of the email campaign.

Click the (sending) or (paused) status to launch a popup displaying progress statistics of the email campaign, including how many emails have been sent and how many remain to be sent.

Email Notifications:

If you pause a campaign, JangoMail will email you daily email reminders alerting you that you have a paused email campaign, and that you have 7 days after the Pause date to Resume your email campaign. Here is a sample email notification:

Dear Michelle:

This is a reminder that you have a PAUSED email campaign in your account:

Subject: Mother's Day Popcorn Specials
Mass Email ID: 233288445
Total Recipients: 46781
Pause Date: May 9 2009 5:51PM

You have SEVEN DAYS after the Pause date to resume your email campaign, otherwise you will not be able to resume it. You can resume your campaign by finding your campaign in Reporting and clicking the green RESUME link.

Please direct any questions to


The JangoMail Administrator
1-888-709-4099 or 614-343-3864

API / Web Service Reference:

  • ResumeMassEmail
    Resumes a paused mass email campaign
  • PauseMassEmail
    Pauses a mass email campaign