Tuesday, May 05, 2009

New Feature: Email Deliverability Diagnostics Tool

There are cases when a customer, using a desktop email package like Outlook, Thunderbird, or Windows Mail sends a test email message, only to find that the email message is automatically routed into the Junk Mail folder rather than the Inbox. Many times, there is something in the content of the email message that is triggering the Junk Mail filter, and often times it is hard to isolate the exact content issue due to the black box nature of desktop spam filters.

JangoMail has introduced a Deliverability Diagnostics Tool, which will send variations of your email campaign to a given email address, so that you can see which emails end up in the Inbox versus the Junk Mail folder. Based on this, a customer can easily determine what factor of the email message is resulting in it being perceived as Junk.

What kinds of test email messages will the tool send?

You have the option of sending variations of a generic system email, and/or variations of your own email campaign. Each test will be varied, with open and click tracking turned on versus off, with a different From Address, with a different Tracking Domain, and other variances.

How do I use the Deliverability Diagnostics Tool?

If you are a new customer prior to May 5, 2009, you must turn the feature on in your account. Customers after May 5, 2009 already have the feature turned on.

Turning this feature ON will allow the "Delivery Test" button to appear on the Send Email page:

When you click the "Delivery Test" button, a popup will be launched asking you for your email address and the type of test(s) you want to send:

Checking the "custom" checkbox will send variances of the email campaign that you're currently working with. Checking the "generic" checkbox will send variances of a generic system message from "John Smith".

After choosing your test options and clicking the button, the test emails will be sent. Seven total emails will be sent, each with different tracking, from address, and domain properties to help you isolate which tests are going into the Inbox versus the Junk Mail folder. The subject line of each test email message will be labeled accordingly.


The Email Deliverability Diagnostics Tool is just one more tool in JangoMail's arsenal of email delivery solutions. To further optimize your email deliverability, be sure to apply for the Sender Score Certified program and sign your emails with DomainKeys/DKIM and run your email campaign through the Spam Score tool. Additionally, most JangoMail emails are sent through Habeas Safelisted senders.