Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bug fix: Using the unsubscribe link in transactional emails

We have fixed a bug that prevented the unsubscribe link from working properly in transactional emails, including emails sent with the trackable SMTP relay.

To insert an unsubscribe link into transactional emails, do so the same way as you would with a regular email broadcast campaign, using a snipped of HTML code:

Just link to this URL:***uniqueid****

and be sure to replace with your account's actual Tracking Domain. The system default Tracking Domain is currently

If you link to the above URL in a transactional email, the ***uniqueid**** will be replaced by the JangoMail email engine with a string unique to your recipient. Then, then the URL is clicked, the recipient will be added to your account's unsubscribe list, preventing said person from receiving future emails from your account.