Sunday, July 26, 2009

New options for sharing unsubscribe data between master/sub accounts

We have introduced a new option today that allows any account within a master/sub-account grouping to use the unsubscribe lists of all the other master/sub-accounts in the group, during the pre-processing stage of an email campaign.

Previously, a sub-account could elect to have its campaigns cross checked against its own unsubscribe list and that of the master account's unsubscribe list. Now, with the addition of the new mechanism, a sub-account can elect to have its campaigns cross checked against:

1. Its own unsubscribe list
2. Its master account's unsubscribe list
3. All the other sub accounts' unsubscribe lists.

This option can be toggled on and off for each individual sub-account. Simply login to the master account, go to Account Info, click Manage Sub-Accounts, and set the "Use Subs Unsub" to True or False.