Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Geo Tracking Phase III (Google maps overlay) is complete!

We are happy to announce that the third and final phase of our geo tracking rollout is complete - you can now view your Open/Click/Web Page View data visually as an overlay on top of Google Maps. Zoom in, zoom out, drag west, drag east...drill down to the county level in the United States and to the national level for countries outside the United States. This new feature has been one of our most intensive code development efforts to date. JangoMail is one of the few Email Marketing Service Providers to provide this feature.

Here's an example from a recent campaign we sent to all JangoMail customers (the one about the SMTP relay service). This screenshot shows Open Tracking plotted over Ohio. The purple areas represent the counties from which Opens came. The raw data is shown in the table below.

After clicking Franklin country (where Columbus is), we further drill-down until we see Google Maps markers, depicting exactly where the Opens came from:

Similar data is available for Clicks, and Page Views if you're using JangoMail's Web Site Activity Tracking feature.

You can also read earlier blog posts about Phase I and Phase II of our Geo Tracking deployment. These previous posts show you how to view raw location data on Opens, Clicks, and Page Views, as well as segment your data by distance from a particular zip code.