Tuesday, February 14, 2012

New features in the new user interface

As of 3:00 PM EST today, the new user interface available for use, and I want to highlight some new features that are now available.
  1. A better email preview rendering tool -- we've integrated with a third party service that renders screenshots of what your email will look like in 20 different email clients. We have replaced our internal rendering tool with this third party service.
  2. A better spam scoring tool -- we've integrated with a third party that provides more robust spam scoring and spam scoring from 8-10 different spam filters. This will replace the old JangoMail SpamAssassin scoring system in the old user interface.
  3. Switch HTML editors on the fly -- while designing your email campaign, you can toggle between both HTML editors that we provide, EditLive and TinyMCE. In the old interface, you had to choose one editor or the other in Settings, and then that editor would load in the Send Email section. Now you don't have to choose, and you can toggle between the two.
  4. Attachments will be uploaded prior to hitting the Send button, and will be remembered when you re-select an old message with attachments.
  5. Hosted opt-in form with form designer. In the new interface, you can easily customize an opt-in form with the colors, fonts, headers, and footers you want, and you have the option of having JangoMail host the form or you can generate HTML code to host on your own web site.
  6. Auto-save when composing Messages.  No more fear of losing your work.  JangoMail will auto-save a message you're working on every fifteen minutes.