Friday, February 03, 2012

Salesforce integration upgraded to new user interface

Users of our Salesforce integration can now take advantage of the aesthetics and features of the new user interface.  If you're still using "JangoMail for Salesforce" on the old user interface, make the switch! There are many new features available only in the new interface.

Just click on the New UI link when logged into "JangoMail for Salesforce".

The new welcome screen looks like this:

To create a Salesforce connection profile, go to Lists, then click the Databases tab, and click the + sign to add a new Salesforce connection profile.

Additionally, if you've installed the custom JangoMail buttons throughout the Contacts, Leads, and Campaigns tabs, you can select which contacts to email right from within Salesforce's interface.

After you've pulled contacts/leads from Salesforce, you'll be taken to the Messages screen where you can compose a new campaign or select a prior email campaign for sending.

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