Monday, February 06, 2012

New Feature: SpamAssassin spam score now available for every email campaign you send

Every email campaign you send through JangoMail will now be scored by SpamAssassin. That score, and the reason behind it, is now available through Reports and through the API. In Reports, you'll find the score next to each sent campaign, as shown below.

[Click the score to launch a popup showing the breakdown of the spam score.]

The scores are based on SpamAssassin's scoring engine.  SpamAssassin is one of the world's most popular spam filtering system.  For more information on SpamAssassin and its rulesets, visit

You don't need to enable any settings for the spam score to be generated.  All test emails and regular mass email campaigns will be automatically scored, and the score will appear in Reports.

API method to retrieve spam score

You may also call the API method, GetSpamScore, to retrieve the spam score and the breakdown for any email campaign in your account.  The inputs and results are as shown in the test form below.