Friday, April 26, 2013

New Feature - Campaign Send Approval

Question: Are you the manager of the email marketing department at your company?

  • Do you employ other talented individuals to write marketing emails for you?
  • Do you want those authors to have access to create emails on JangoMail on their own terms?
  • Do you want to be in control of the emails that actually get sent to your end customers?
Seems impossible to have all of these features at once? We think not. That's why we developed a feature for JangoMail that makes this level of engagement and control available to those "heads of marketing" out there.

Grant Your Approval to Send Campaigns...

Typically when you share a JangoMail account with different members in your organization, you create what are called Other Logins under your Account Settings. Other Logins are separate usernames and passwords that can have different restrictions to access different parts of the JangoMail service.

We added a new restriction option you can place on one of these Other Logins that allows you to restrict the ability for the account to send a message. Already an account could be blocked from accessing messages all together, if you select to restrict them from the "Messages" page. But now you have the fine grain control to allow a user to access the "Messages" page and create messages while you remain in control of actually initiating the sending of campaigns.

An account with this sending restriction applied can still create emails, preview, and save them.  When the author is content with an email design, instead of a "Send" button, they are presented with a button to "Submit for Approval".

Upon sending for approval, the account master (you) will receive an email with the summary of the email campaign. From here you are provided with a link to login to JangoMail and approve the campaign for sending. We added a convenient section to the top of the dashboard to display these campaigns awaiting approval.

In 2 clicks, you can review and then initiate sending of a mass email campaign to your audience. Need to make modifications? No problem. One click brings you to the editor where you can make changes before sending. If you need to disapprove or remove a campaign, simply delete it from the messages page.

That was easy.

And we like it that way. If you have any questions, comments, or other features you'd like us to build, please don't hesitate to ask.