Friday, April 05, 2013

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Email Address Privacy
We had a prospective customer recently come to us with an interesting request with regard to the privacy of their campaign recipients. They wanted the campaign actions of users to be anonymized in such a way that it in no way would it be possible for anyone to determine which specific email addresses on the list opened, clicked, unsubscribed, or experienced a bounce for a given email.

The prospective customer had a real concern for the privacy of their recipients but still desired the aggregate campaign reporting metrics that make things like measuring the effectiveness of a campaign possible. Total clicks? Great. Who clicked on which link? Gone.

We were happy to custom-develop this feature for the customer. And since we developed the software to do it for them, we can make it available to you  upon request.

The feature ensures that the specifics on email addresses for campaign actions are overwritten in the database and removed from the SMTP logs after receipt, ensuring they cannot be retrieved or compromised by anyone. 

This feature is a good example of how we're willing to go lengths to fulfill the needs of a customer who knows what they want. While this may seem obscure, if you'd like this feature added to your account, or have another custom feature in mind, please don't hesitate to ask.