Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Quick Account Usage Info at Your Fingertips

At  your request, we have now added a quick go-to menu, accessible at the top of every JangoMail page that shares some of your account's vital statistics at a glance.

Quick Account Usage Stats
(account info displayed on mouse-over)

When you are logged into your paid account, you will now see a link at the top of every page identifying how many days are left in your usage cycle. Mousing over the link produces a dialogue with some useful stats—among them:

  • # of Messages used
  • # of Messages remaining
  • Volume of Data used
  • Volume of Data remaining
  • Messages and Data Available in the next cycle

Currently these quick usage stats are restricted to standalone accounts, and not agency accounts with combined volume usage. Further support for these agency customers may be available in the future.