Friday, October 11, 2013

On Track With Jack: Master and Subaccounts

Hello JangoMail Users!

Jack reporting from JangoMail headquarters. Each day we work with countless agencies, franchises, colleges, large corporations, and organizations. This week learn how our Master and Subaccounts feature can be a useful tool in managing your emails, no matter the size of your company. Here’s my tip for the week, agencies this one is for you:

Utilize our Master and Subaccounts Feature

I’m in the mood to list things this week. So, let's look at the benefits and examples of our Master and Subaccounts feature.

Reasons to use:

 1.  Stay organized: No need to have separate accounts with us. You can work with everything using one primary account.

2.  Fast and Easy: Set up subaccounts fast and control branding with our tools.

3.  Cost Effective: All accounts are billed together.  You’ll get the lowest cost per email on the combined total sending volume!

4.  Rebrand and Resell: You can create a 100% domain-branded private label solution that re-brands JangoMail as your own personal email advertising application.

Here are some examples of how different types of organizations use the Master and Subaccounts feature:

1.  Marketing, design, public relations, and communications agencies take full advantage of JangoMail's highly flexible client subaccount capabilities. Agencies can manage multiple clients or in-house departments. The agency has a master account with JangoMail but has individual subaccounts for different clients.  BONUS: They can then provide detailed reporting to each client but ensure that billing is only available at a master level, and that there is no visibility from subaccount to subaccount. 

2.  Another great example of using the Master and Subaccounts feature effectively is in an educational setting.  A college can set themselves up as a master account but have individual subaccounts for each department. The master account can push a template to departments with pieces that can be locked or edited. This ensures branding consistency, and that all the important components of the message are always included. BONUS: JangoMail's Master and Subaccounts functionality allows different levels of control, access, and visibility between accounts. 

3.  A final example is in the franchise world, where a franchise can control billing and ensure brand consistency while allowing local content and deals to be included. A template can be pushed to franchisees who can edit parts of it. The franchise controls who has access to billing information, and what is shared between accounts and what is kept hidden. BONUS: It's possible to set it up so that messages need to be pre-approved by the master account before they are sent.

To recap: At JangoMail, we offer flexibility. It’s your email, your way. Give your organization the tools to effectively manage multiple departments, clients, or franchises.

Contact our VP of Sales, Eamonn Flynn, at 650-339-7043 or for more information.


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