Thursday, December 05, 2013

New JangoMail Smart Template Designs, Menu, and Editing Tips!

By: Melonie Mottice
Marketing Specialist

Hold on to your email hats, our new JangoMail Smart Templates are live!  We are pleased to announce 150 brand new email templates, a new template menu, and editing tips.

Sending eye-catching emails that will grab the attention of your readers is easier than ever!  Navigate through our easy-to-use dashboard and select a template that will best capture your email message.

Templates are grouped by theme in the menu.  From featured designs, greetings and holiday ecards, to mobile, and newsletters, we have something for everyone.

Presentation is everything! We've worked hard to bring you the best new layouts, which you can fully customize. Upload your pictures, logos, and other graphics in a snap.  Adding new text is only a click away, and you can mark your favorites by clicking on the star button.

Our new templates are easy to use and customize.  Each template has filler text with these editing tips to help you along the way:

  • For best results, only use TinyMCE to edit this template. To switch to the TinyMCE editor, click the Pencil Icon in the upper right corner and choose TinyMCE.
  • To replace an image: First, make sure any image that you upload is the same size as the image that you replace in this template. You can check the original image size by right-clicking on the image and selecting Insert/edit image.  On the Appearance tab you can check and modify the Dimensions.  When you have finished with your changes make sure you press the green Update button. Note: The image size is defaulted to lock.  To unlock, deselect the Constrain Proportions box.
    • To replace the image, first visit the Assets tab and upload your image. Then return to edit your message and right-click on the image and go to the Insert/edit image option.  The first tab is the General tab.  Here you can choose a new image by clicking the Image list drop-down button and locating your new file within the list.  After your image is selected, press the green Update button.  Note: Once your new image is selected your Image description and Title will appear.  Make sure you also update your Image URL as needed.
  • To change a background color: Hover over the section you want to change and right click. Choose Cell > Table cell properties.  On the Advanced tab, enter in the HTML color code in the Background color field.  To save, press the green Update button.
    • To change the overall background color, you'll go through the same steps, but under Table Properties. Select the table and right click.  Choose Table Properties.  On the Advanced tab, enter in the HTML color code in the Background color field.  To save, press the green Update button.
  • Don't add images that are wider than the table they are inside of. To check the table's width, right click inside the table.  Go to Table properties and check the width in the first tab (General). If it is in pixels (you'll see a whole number rather than a percentage), make sure your image width is not any wider than that number of pixels.  Modify if needed and click the green Update button to save your changes.
  • Don't paste from Microsoft Word or Outlook: The format does not carry over properly. Use a simple text editor like Notepad to copy and paste.
  • Choosing a favorite template is different than saving a template:  You can choose a favorite, pre-designed template by clicking the star button at the top of the design you like. View your favorites by visiting the Favorites tab in the menu.

    If you decide to alter a design yourself to use on a regular basis, you can save it as your template when you are in edit mode. Go to the Settings tab and click Yes under the 'Mark as template' option.  It will be saved to your account with your personalized changes. You can access it when you click the blue New Message button.  Select the 'with my Templates' envelope to view all of your templates. The original version of the template will still be in the JangoMail Smart Template section.

  • To create a link: Select the text that you want to link and click the chain link button in the middle of the second row of the editor. Enter your link URL and click the green Insert button to complete.
  • Social Sharing Links:  You can add social sharing links.  Go above the editor, to the top right below the purple JangoMail header. Click the third button from the right, which has a computer screen icon on it.  Select Social Links from the drop-down menu and copy the HTML of your choice.  Navigate back down to the editor and press the HTML button.  Paste the Social Sharing HTML into your email and click the green Update button.  Note: You can also insert Facebook and Twitter buttons which are located in the last row of the toolbar in the editor.
  • Unsubscribe Link:  You can insert an unsubscribe link and statement.  We recommend inserting it at the bottom of your message.  Scroll through your message text until you reach the last line.  Start a new line underneath and click the UNS button to insert.  This is the first button in the last row of the editor.

Happy emailing, in STYLE! We hope you enjoy our new templates and tips.

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