Tuesday, December 17, 2013

On Track With Jack: Incorporate Strong Visuals

Hi JangoMail Users!

As a cartoon, people trust me. I have an adorable smile, kind eyes, listening ears, and impeccable leather-jacket fashion sense. Moreover, I'm a strong visual for JangoMail. It's like that old saying: a picture is worth a thousand words. I am worth a thousand words…plus these additional six words in my tip of the week:

Incorporate strong visuals into your email.

Broadcast emails must be visually appealing, but don't overdo it. Have you ever received an email and couldn't concentrate because of the design? Not only did it hurt your eyes, but it was so distracting you couldn't remember anything else about the email.

In an effort to build a strong brand, you must work on your credibility. Well thought out designs that are professional, yet aesthetically pleasing, will prompt subscribers to take action.

Readers respond better to visuals than just plain text. Here's a side by side comparison of what this email would look like without any visuals:

Which one do you like?

I don't know about you, but the first one makes me want to hop back into bed. How boring. The second one, however, looks great. That photo up top is pretty darn cute. Who is that guy?

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you design your next email:

Stay consistent. All marketing materials including your email, website, business cards, social media, and any signage, should complement each other. Use the same logo and incorporate matching colors throughout each design.

Less is more. Visuals are great, but you do not want to take away from your message; you want to add to it. Not every inch of your email has to be covered.

Make smart use of photos and graphics. Balance your design with visuals, and make them interactive by linking them to your website or promo page. Frame graphics around your call to action.

Socialize. People love to share photos on social networks like Facebook. Use our social media buttons to include links in your campaign.

Use our new templates. We have 150 eye-catching designs that you can customize.  Check out our blog for more template details and editing tips!

Test. Before sending a message, run a Preview and Delivery Test in JangoMail.

To recap: Put yourself in the shoes of your readers and rethink the design of your email.  Create a professional brand your audience will recognize and trust.  Use our Smart Templates to get started on your new look!


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