Tuesday, February 11, 2014

What Makes a Company Great?

By: Mark Mentzer
Regional Sales Manager

I recently joined JangoMail as the Regional Sales Manager for the east coast.  JangoMail is a growing company and this is a new position created as part of that expansion.  Many companies attempt to grow, but merely expanding doesn't guarantee success.  There are other factors at work that need to be present in a company of excellence.

The 1980's book, "In Search of Excellence," may be dated, but the premise of what makes a company successful is still relevant today.  I found many of these "factors of excellence" present at JangoMail, and I want to share them with you:

  • Customer Focus - JangoMail is passionate about developing relationships with customers and providing VIP customer service.  This is demonstrated by our strong customer service policy that provides technical support through phone, chat, and email to all customers, regardless of account size.
  • Product Focus - A consistent focus on improving the functionality of our product by listening to customers, and developing new features that meet their needs.
  • Flexibility - Our company promotes and encourages active employees to make decisions, at all levels.  This management philosophy facilitates a sense of ownership and autonomy, allowing quick decision making and problem solving.
  • Absence of Internal Silos - Successful companies today remove bureaucratic barriers and foster communication between all functional departments: marketing, sales, development, finance, management, etc.  JangoMail actively promotes and practices cross functional interaction and problem solving.
  • Overall Value - You get more product features for your money like volume, delivery, and customer service.  This translates into a high value relationship for JangoMail customers compared to our competition.

JangoMail offers a great overall value in terms of product functionality, price, and service for large volume, permission based email marketing campaigns.  And, we are consistent in improving and delivering this value to our customers.  It is the combination of all these factors that I found at JangoMail that make it a company of excellence, and a great place to work.