Friday, February 07, 2014

On Track With Jack: EasyPromos Review

Looking to expand your Facebook reach with a contest? There's an app for that…actually there are a ton of apps for that, but out of all of them EasyPromos is at the top of my list.

Let's back up a second. In August Facebook updated their Page Terms, allowing users to run contests on business pages, however, there are still restrictions. Apps make it easier. They allow you to collect data on all the fans that enter, including email. Additionally, apps meet all of the Facebook standards, so you don't have to keep up with their ever-changing guidelines.

My tip for the week:  If you are running a Facebook contest use an app like EasyPromos.

Recently, we ran a Facebook contest for JangoMail and our sister company, JangoSMTP. Contests are great because you can grow your likes in a short amount of time and we did just that with EasyPromos.

EasyPromos offers three different levels to their app. I've never had to use anything more than the Basic level. You can use it for sweepstakes and direct prizes, photo contests, text contests, coupons and discounts, and instant win contests. The first promo is free per page and anything after that is only $15.

The Basic level is geared toward pages that have less than 5,000 fans. It is very easy to set up and monitor. You'll enjoy their statistic and winner tools, as well as their impeccable customer service.

Whatever Facebook contest you do, connect your email efforts back to it - again, it's important to keep any new relationships going after the contest. To build your subscriber list, include a link to your opt-in form or require an email address to enter. Place a disclaimer in the contest terms that clearly states fans are signing up to also receive email notifications from you.

To recap:  Broaden your marketing efforts with a Facebook contest, but drive your traffic back to your business with email. Third-party apps like EasyPromos are affordable and easy-to-use. For more information visit their website:

We're here to help! Whether it's a mobile or social app give us a call at 1-855-709-4099 and ask one of our experts. Chances are they've already used it and would be happy to tell you what we think. Have an app you'd like me to review? Email me at

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