Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Email Blast Software | JangoMail Demo & Review Video

Gregg Stebben from Stealth Radio Network provides detailed commentary about the robust and automated email blast software features of JangoMail.

Special thanks to Jonathan Dwyer from Endicow for creating this video, and JangoMail expert, Stephanie Yount, who performed the demo.

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JangoMail is email blast software to send HTML email newsletters by using pre-existing templates or by writing your own code.

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Gregg Stebben is the Founder & CEO for Stealth Radio Network.

Stealth Radio Network is a radio news bureau that works with the nation’s top magazines, book publishers, non-profits, global consumer brands, and retailers.


Video Script:

So my name is Greg Stebben, and I have an interesting set of things I do in a given week. I'm an editor of a national magazine and also the host of their nationally syndicated radio show. And I also own a small boutique PR firm, and all we do is book radio interviews for our clients on radio. And if you have any experience in radio at all, it's kind of like working in the stock market, things move really fast and you've got to be on top of it.

And having a tool like JangoMail makes it essential. Because it's very, very flexible and enables us to do things that are really tightly targeted and very tuned for our audience. What we do is really all about relationships and JangoMail has enabled us to really manage relationships, when necessary, one at the time or in small groups. And that has been an essential part of the tool for us.

I've been a customer of JangoMail for probably 10 or 12 years. And one of the things that has really impressed me is that they keep redoing it, making it better, refining it, coming out with new versions. And in the last couple of years the number of revisions they've made on the user interfaces just, they've done some unbelievable stuff.

The four main areas that our customers use are the messages, there's not a limit to how many that you can keep track of, so I've got over five pages of stuff that I've done here.

Well this was one of the things that they rolled out a couple years ago that absolutely transformed the user experience of using JangoMail. That little search bar over there is so powerful. You can really drill down and find stuff both very quickly and very easily. And you know when you're handling a lot of different email campaigns, that's absolutely what you need to be able to do. You need to be able to pick things out and find what you're looking for.

And let me say one other thing that's really powerful that they added. This Identifier column there, it took me a while to figure out how useful that was. But if you're an online marketer or PR person, you may have campaigns with the same subject over and over and over again. You may be resending the same messages. When they added the field for that identifier, it enabled you to add a date or something else unique that separated out today's campaign of the same name from yesterday's campaign of the same name.

So Messages is probably the number one place that our customers get their use. Lists is a second area that a lot of our customers use. Whether it is actually creating lists inside of JangoMail, or you can also connect to different local databases. If you have a database running on your computer like an Excel spreadsheet or if you're connecting to a web based database.

Assets, this is where you can keep track of images, PDF files, and you can use them inside your messages. There's no limit to how many you can have in your account. We do give you the option to attach files to your messages, but it is a smoother operation if you actually link to it. So you can host them here in JangoMail and then link to them in your messages.

And then Reports is probably the most trafficked area across the board for all customers, even more than Messages. Because we do have customers that use our API functions, so they never really even go to Messages, but they do come to Reports. We have it broken down into three different sections. We have Broadcast Messages, we have Transactional Messages, and then we have some management reports and tools.

You can keep track of the bounce addresses that occur in your accounts. We'll give you that list. We do the same with unsubscribes. We keep track of any address that unsubscribes.

We keep track of the campaign ID number. Every campaign that you send out we'll keep track of the subject line for you, the date and time that it was sent, how many recipients. And then we're going to keep track of the opens if you're using open tracking. And you can actually click on this number. We'll be able to click here and see who opened this message that I had sent out. And it's going to show us that these three people opened my message. And it shows us how many times they opened that message as well.

I want to point out a couple of things that are actually not used as much that we're trying to start really showing our customers a little bit more of. So if we could to Lists in the section here called Sending and Receiving, we have two different types of automated messages. One are Recurring Messages and the other one are Triggers. So for both of these, it's an automated system. You could set up a recurring message. So let's say that you know that your company, every Thursday is going to be closed for five hours. You can set up a reminder.

The other one that we have are Triggers. And you can create an email. Here what you would do is you'd go in, you'd add a new item. And it's going to let you name the trigger. You would have already created the email itself. You'd go select the message and decide what event is going to trigger this email to go out, the message just being open, a link being clicked, a web page you viewed. Then you can set the behavior. When do you want this sent out? If it's happening every time a recipient performs the trigger or only once. It's definitely a feature that's under used that we're trying to help get out there, because we know a lot of our customers do those type of things, but they're being done manually.

And then we have one other automated message that you can set up. And those are called auto responders. And I'd say auto responders are our most used automated system right now. Anytime a recipient is added to a list, if you're using an auto responder you could set up a set of three or four different emails. I know we have several customers that use our auto responders as a set of three different newsletters that they want to go out.

One of the things you're going to get if you become a customer of JangoMail, is you're going to be working with a company that's really focused on the user experience and figuring out how to make systems and workflows work really efficiently and effectively and smoothly and easily.