Monday, July 14, 2014

Command Center: Triggers with Bob

By: Dave Walker
Technical Support Engineer

Bob wants to take his email marketing to the next level. He's been sending out his marketing emails, and they've been getting good results. There is, however, a lot of manual follow-up that is required. Bob's sales team spends a lot of time analyzing open and click data, and sends follow-up emails to those folks, to continue the conversation.

Bob wants to automate the process of sending follow-up emails to his customers. If a customer clicks on a link to visit the website, he wants to send them an email a little later in the day to follow-up on that visit. If they open, but don't click, he wants to send a different message a day or two later.

Bob is using JangoMail's “Triggers” feature to automate his follow-ups. He creates his follow-up messages, and saves them to his account. He then creates a trigger in his account for “Message Opened.” He links the appropriate follow-up message to that trigger. He does the same for “Link Clicked” to catch the clickers.

Now Bob's done. When his customers receive a message and open it, JangoMail will trigger the sending of a follow-up message. Bob can have this action apply to only a single message, or to all messages. He can time the follow-ups so they're sent a few minutes, hours, or days later.

Bob has used JangoMail's simple “Triggers” feature to revolutionize his customer communication, and free up sales team time for more productive things. The force is strong with this one.

Take a look at JangoMail's Trigger features for yourself. Click here for more information on how to revolutionize your own email communications.