Thursday, August 14, 2014

Command Center: JangoMail Social Media and Facebook

One of JangoMail's advanced capabilities is its integration with Facebook and other social media.  JagoMail's Enterprise level email campaign manager can auto-share email campaigns with social media and Facebook.  This feature increases the audience reach of a marketing campaign or message beyond email.

Email campaigns can also be shared with Twitter and Google Plus.  Facebook and Twitter share statistics can be viewed directly on the JangoMail reporting dashboard.  This information provides a way to quantify social effectiveness, as users spread a campaign across social networks.

Leverage the power of social media to increase marketing effectiveness by embedding a Facebook Like button directly in an email campaign.  Clicking the Like button brings the recipient to a campaign page with a Facebook Like button to like a campaign.

JangoMails integration with social sharing sites also includes granular reports for social tracking of visitors.  The reports will detail who visits a page and from where and how many visitors and numbers of shares.

The new JangoMail social reporting statistics include:

  • # of Unique campaign page visitors
  • # of Visitors from Facebook
  • # of Campaign shares on Facebook
  • # of Campaign Likes on Facebook
  • # of Visitors from Twitter
  • # of Campaign shares on Twitter

Connecting Facebook with JangoMail's seamless social integration features will help to broadcast an email marketing campaign faster and with greater ease.  The net result is increased traffic and more customers.