Thursday, September 04, 2014

Command Center: Bob's back with the scrub tool

By: Dave Walker
Technical Support Engineer
Bob has an interesting question.
His contacts are all out of line.
Some addresses bounce, while others opt-out,
and Bob's sales team is starting to whine.

Bob uses JangoMail's system,
to manage his contacts all day,
but he needs to control his list as a whole,
and JangoMail gives him a way.

In Bob's contact list is a toolbox,
with wonderful tools to the rim.
Bob clicks on the menu, and chooses the scrub tool,
his list he is starting to trim.

The scrub tool identifies bounces.
It fixes that typo address.
It cleans all the dupes out, and solves unsubscribe doubt,
and basically fixes the mess.

Since Bob needs this scrub performed daily,
He views all the work with disdain
He mouses to grab the automate tab,
and Bob never sees it again.

With JangoMail's magical scrub tool,
Bob's job is an absolute breeze
He now spends his time making more than a dime
while his sales team are working like bees.