Thursday, October 09, 2008

New Feature: Specify an SMS Text Message

JangoMail has added an SMS Text Message feature to our Messages composition page. Now you can send a specific message to an SMS address, instead of the HTML or Plain Text message types. Be courteous to your recipients receiving messages by text and build a message tailored to them.

You will find the new field on the Messages composition screen, under the SMS tab. Specify a message here for any text users. If an email address is in one of the listed SMS email gateway domains, then this SMS Text Message will be sent from your JangoMail account instead of the standard HTML/Plain Text multipart message.

If the SMS Text Message field is not set, and a recipient's domain is an SMS email gateway domain, then the email message will be assembled as normal, including the HTML Message, Plain Text Message, and any attachments.

A full list of SMS email gateways is available at

The following properties are ignored when an email message to an SMS email gateway is assembled:
  • Open Tracking
  • Click Tracking
  • Wrapping
  • Plain Text Message
  • HTML Message
  • Attachments
  • Triggers