Tuesday, April 07, 2009

API/Web Service "Send" methods now support "Template" setting

The following API methods have been updated such that "Template=True" or "Template=False" may be specified within the Options input parameter:

  • SendMassEmail
    Sends a mass e-mail with a plain text and/or HTML e-mail. Returns a string.
  • SendMassEmailPrevious2
    Sends a previously saved mass e-mail to a new set of recipients. Returns a string.
  • SendMassEmailRaw
    Sends a mass e-mail, given a raw message including MIME parts and a MIME boundary. Returns a string.

  • Setting Template=True within the Options parameter will mark the email campaign as a Template, and will cause it to appear in the "My Templates" dropdown menu in the Send Email section of the JangoMail web interface.