Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bug Fix: Mass email initiations will now work with foreign characters

Tonight we have deployed a bug fix that allows mass email initiations to be sent containing both HTML and Plain Message parts, where the message contains foreign language characters.

Prior to the bug fix, when sending a mass email initiation, if the message contained foreign language characters, the campaign would only be sent if the message was sent as a Plain-Text-only or an HTML-only email. If both MIME parts, Plain Text and HTML, were included, then the email campaign would error out.

Screenshot of a mass email initiation composed using Outlook Express, and the message contains Chinese characters. Outlook Express will send this with both Plain Text and HTML parts.

General Information:
A mass email initiation is an email campaign triggered from a desktop or other email client outside of JangoMail. For example, you can use Outlook, GMail, or Thunderbird to compose an email campaign, send it to your assigned email address, and then have JangoMail send the campaign to your email list. For more information on this feature, see this tutorial.