Sunday, April 19, 2009

New Feature: Send personalized previews/test messages to a Group

We have expanded the functionality of the Preview/Save button on the Send Email page to allow sending a personalized preview message to an entire Group that has 100 members or fewer. Additionally, a designated Test Group will have a corresponding one-click "send" button on the Send Email page.

1. To designate a Group to be a Test Group, the Group must have 100 members or fewer, and you must check the box as shown below. Go to the Groups and Email Addresses tab, select the Group, and then click the Change Group Name / Test Group button.

2. Check the box and click the button. Now that the Group is designated a Test Group, go to the Send Email page. In addition to the Preview/Save button, you'll see another button for each Test Group in your account. Clicking one of these buttons will send an immediate test email to the Group indicated on the button.

3. Clicking the Preview/Save button will launch the popup as normal, but a dropdown will appear listing the available Test Groups.