Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bug Fix: SendTransactionalEmail

Previously, the SendTransactionalEmail API method was not rejecting domains that have been unsubscribed in an account and system-wide unsubscribed domains. For example, the domain is a domain that is in the JangoMail system-wide blocklist.

This has now been corrected.

Now if you use SendTransactionalEmail to send to, the following exception will be thrown:

JangoMailNamespace.SystemDomainAddressException: Web Service Exception SystemDomainAddressException: Email address is on system-wide domain block list.

Similarly, if you unsubscribe the domain within your individual JangoMail account, and then you attempt to send an email to via SendTransactionalEmail, this exception will be thrown:

JangoMailNamespace.UserDomainAddressException: Web Service Exception UserDomainAddressException: Email address is on account's domain block list.