Wednesday, June 17, 2009

HTML Editor Upgraded to EditLive Version

We have upgraded the HTML Editor that JangoMail uses on the Send Email page. The upgrade is to the latest version of Ephox's EditLive Java-based HTML editor, version

Bug Fixes Included in Version

  • Merge Inline Styles did not merge with the first P tag
  • Table corruption when merging between rows in the last column
  • Word Count did not exclude removed text
  • Inserting an image next to another image copied the attributes of the previous image
  • Proxy servers specified by IP address were resolved to a hostname, which can cause issues with local servers
  • Spell Checker did not automatically load the correct dictionary when using the Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Norwegian or Dutch interface translations
  • Address tags with inline styles crashed the editor
  • EditLive! corrupted cookies with spaces
  • Inserting new rows into a table with the inline table toolbar present caused the editor to move focus above the table