Wednesday, May 29, 2013

No Joke: Email Marketing Grows Business Like Nothing Else

We recently came across a pretty interesting piece in Target Marketing, called "Nuts & Bolts Comedian: Email Pulls in Crowds, Social is Ephemeral", featuring comedian Steve Hofstetter. Aside from the rah-rah nature of the title (how could we not be drawn to that??), the fact that it reflected the actual email marketing experiences of a professional comedian was totally intriguing.

Comedian Steve Hofstetter
Why share?
First, we thought it would be beneficial for our clients who may be in similar businesses. Steve's motivations make perfect sense. The kicker is, his nearly flawless execution and rationale behind the outreach is really impressive. Next, this guy was obviously successful, so we wanted to hear his first-hand account for ourselves, too. Turns out, Steve Hofstetter knows what the heck he's talking about.

You've got to read this article.
It's only a couple of quick pages, so dig in, and we'll meet you back here.

Tick tock ....

Interesting. Now consider this, our "final" thoughts on the topic.
So, we don't necessarily completely agree with all perspectives of the article. To say social media is "ephemeral" isn't true. In fact, email marketing that ties into the power of social media can increase your campaign's word-of-mouth and boost your potential subscriber list. But, it's true that you have to know how to use it effectively - and whether your audience is actually following your brand. On its own, social can be hard to track - and the ability to offer lengthier conversion content is out of format and can turn off socially-savvy engagees. HOWEVER, again, if it leads into the more trackable, marketing-rich structure of email outreach, the sky is truly the limit.

Perhaps the biggest takeaway to consider: Stay true to your audience. Be good to them in terms of the information they've opt-ed to receive and feel free to reward them for their ongoing patronage (in clicks or transactions). In the end, the more reciprocal your relationship, the more you each will benefit.

If you see anything on the web related to email marketing that you think we should share, give us a shout. And as always, if you have any questions about our JangoMail features or how we can help you, just ask.

Until then, have a great rest of the week!

Psst: Want to see Steve in action? YouTube has some clips you can check out.