Thursday, May 01, 2014

Customer Spotlight: iwerk

By: Melonie Mottice
Senior Marketing Strategist

Welcome to our first Customer Spotlight!  Each post you’ll have the chance to read about one of our customers that are making huge email marketing strides using JangoMail.  Learn what features they use most and what you can do to improve your own campaigns.  This week, I’ll introduce you to iwerk, a software development and technical services company.

I had the pleasure of interviewing April Young, iwerk’s Delivery and New Business Manager.

Company: iwerk
Industry: software development and
                technical services
Favorite Features: custom reporting,
               sub-accounts, and automation
Here’s a little background about the company: iwerk, is a software development company specializing in customer software development since 1991.  From websites to large database applications, the company operates as a digital arm, offering their clients full technical services.

A lot of iwerk’s clients are marketing agencies that need help with online promotions.

“Clients come to us because they’ve filled in a large project and they don’t have the resources to build it, so they make it pretty, and we make it work,” said April.

That’s where JangoMail comes in.

“Email marketing is a very integral part of our projects and JangoMail has been amazingly dependable,” she states.  “These are not small clients, these are big brands and everything has to function.”

April and her team use JangoMail’s transactional and broadcast service.

They work with a lot of clients that have specific needs that many other email service providers will not accommodate.

Here at JangoMail, however, we were willing to work with them.

When shopping for an ESP, April explains that finding one that could accommodate the needs of her clients was a challenge, until she started working with JangoMail.  In addition to our sub-accounts feature, custom reporting and automation were necessities.

“Usually one dev. (developer) is working on one project, and one is working on the other, so it’s very nice to be able to give them separate logins,” she said.

April’s clients do a lot of reporting.  She grants them access to the JangoMail dashboard so they can pull whatever numbers and stats needed each week without interfering with another account.

In order for any email campaign to be successful, JangoMail users must use quality lists that people register or opt-in for, not cold marketing emails.  JangoMail has a strict anti-spam policy to maintain the sending reputation of our clients, which is key to any successful email campaign.

In April’s case, the proof is in the pudding, well, campaign reporting.  She has some of the highest open rates we’ve tracked to date.

“We’ve had promotions where the email really is the next step in the registrant’s journey,” she adds.

Once a person registers for a contest or promotion, they receive an email with a confirmation code and they are redirected back to a website to enter the code in.  Without that automation, the promotion will not work.

To learn more about April and the iwerk team, check out their website at  You can also contact them directly here.  They have offices in Detroit, Dallas, and Fort Worth.