Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Command Center: Autoresponders With Bob

By: Dave Walker
Technical Support Engineer

Bob's car dealership has been growing. Bob has decided to start a new email campaign to provide service tips to his new car buyers. Bob's idea is to send emails to new car buyers every few days at first, and then at regular intervals thereafter. The first will focus on the newest car buyer, while later emails will remind the buyer about regular service, aftermarket accessories, and other useful tips.

Bob knows that his customers do not buy all at once, so his campaign shouldn't run all at once either. He needs each buyer to enter the campaign at the beginning, not start in the middle.

Bob uses JangoMail's Autoresponders feature to get it done.

Bob creates all of his messages ahead of time so they automatically send out each week, month, and even year. He then uses these messages to create “autoresponders” for his new buyers list. The first email goes out on the day of the purchase, while other messages are set to delay for a period of time before sending.

When a customer buys a new car, Bob adds them to his new purchasers list. Automatically, the autoresponders will begin. On the first day, they'll receive a tip email with warranty information and the phone number for the service department. As the days and weeks pass, they'll continue to receive emails tailored to the amount of time they own the car.

Bob's customers always start on day 1, no matter what day that is. Luke bought his car on a Monday, but Leia bought hers on Thursday three months later. It doesn't matter. On the day each bought their car, they received the same message.

That's why Bob likes JangoMail's autoresponder feature. With autoresponders, he has yet another great way to tailor his email communications directly to his customers needs. Bob's Mom would be proud.