Thursday, October 09, 2014

Command Center: Bob Discovers the JangoMail API

By: Dave Walker
Technical Support Engineer

Bob's business is growing. Bob's sales staff needs to use email to make more connections with leads, and to promote more sales to existing customers. Bob's sales staff, however, isn't so great at learning new things. Bob already has his own software to run his business, and his sales staff doesn't like going outside of it to use other tools.

Bob needs his sales staff to use JangoMail's tools, but he wants them to do so directly from his own sales software. After all, his IT and development staff have worked hard to make his software work very well for his purposes.

That's why Bob uses the JangoMail API. API stands for Application Programming Interface. The JangoMail API lets Bob's developer connect his software directly to JangoMail.

Now Bob's sales staff can create messages, build contact lists, and send campaigns directly from Bob's own software. Bob's sales software, with JangoMail's API, brings more power, success, and money to Bob's organization.

But wait, there's more! The JangoMail API gives Bob's software access to reporting, transactional and campaign sending, contact management, account management, and many more features. Almost everything you can do within JangoMail can be done through the JangoMail API. Check for bounces. Count your opens. Do it all!

If you act now, we'll also include the ability to make requests through SOAP, HTTP GET, or HTTP POST. We'll even let you pull the data as string, dataset, or XML.

All of this, AND MORE, for the great low, low price of nothing in addition to your normal subscription costs. That's right, access to the API is free for JangoMail customers. Yes, even free trial customers.

Want to know more about how the JangoMail API like Bob does? Click here to read more. You'll be cool if you do it, just like Bob.

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Meet the Team - Gayle Barcus

What does a chocolate addiction, reading, and quick wit all have in common? They have EVERYTHING to do with Gayle Barcus, JangoMail's Customer Service Representative!

Meet Gayle Barcus, JangoMail's
 Customer Service Representative.
1.  What is your position at JangoMail?
Customer Service Representative
2.  How long have you worked for JangoMail?
Since May 2013
3.  What do you like best about working for JangoMail?
The close-knit group of employees and the company's attention to customer service.
4.  What feature do you like most?
My favorite features are the delivery health check and the delivery optimizer tools. A lot of our customers do not know they can start the troubleshooting process on their own.
5.  What is your educational background or what experience led you here?
I have an Associate's Degree in Mental Health, but my extensive Customer Service experience led me to this job.
6.  What is your favorite hobby / pastime?
Reading and spending time with my friends and family.
7.  What is your guilty pleasure?
8. Any interesting facts you'd like to share?
My only sister is 20 years younger than me and we both have the same parents!
9. Do you have a catchphrase, funny saying, or personal quote?
With my quick wit and good timing, everything I say is funny...haha!
10. Anything else you'd like to share about yourself?
For the first time in a long time, I genuinely love my job and the people I work with, customers and coworkers alike.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Meet the Team - Sarah Dyer

What does a beach house in Mexico, 'So You Think You Can Dance,' and the JangoMail team all have in common? They have EVERYTHING to do with Sarah Dyer, JangoMail's Customer Service Manager!

1.  What is your position at JangoMail?
Meet Sarah Dyer, JangoMail's
 Customer Service Manager.
Customer Service Manager 
 2.  How long have you worked for JangoMail?
About nine years
3.  How do you use JangoMail personally?
When my youngest daughter was born, I used JangoMail to send out birth announcements.  My friends and family were able to see my daughter before we even left the hospital.  This was before Facebook was really a thing.
 4.  What do you like best about working for JangoMail?
I love the team here.  Everyone is so incredibly good at what they do and take ownership for their part of making JangoMail great.
5.  What is your favorite JangoMail feature?
I love how flexible JangoMail can be.  We can handle the small local store around the corner to the large Fortune 500 company without flinching!
6.  What is your educational background or what experience led you here?
I have a BS in Business Administration and find myself using it to help our customers grow their business in addition to managing our team.  I also spent seven years at JangoMail working in accounting before this amazing opportunity presented itself.
7.  What is your favorite hobby / pastime?
I love spending time with my hubby and two kids, relaxing and watching more TV than I'd care to admit, and dreaming of owning a home in Mexico someday.  I love business and talking business with my entrepreneur husband.  We also enjoy leading a Financial Peace University class at our church. 
8.  What is your guilty pleasure?
I'm addicted to the show, 'So You Think You Can Dance'.  I watch every episode (at least once), I've also been out to see them live, and have managed to get my oldest daughter addicted too.
9. Any interesting facts you'd like to share?
I have moved 11 times in my life.  I've lived in seven states and Ohio is the first place I've lived with a real winter.
 10. Do you have a catchphrase, funny saying, or personal quote?
My team here teases me because if my eyes aren't on them, I don't hear them...unless Kim is talking - then I catch every word!
 11. Anything else you'd like to share about yourself?
Someday you will find me owning a beach house in Mexico.  It's going to happen!

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Command Center: Bob's back with the scrub tool

By: Dave Walker
Technical Support Engineer
Bob has an interesting question.
His contacts are all out of line.
Some addresses bounce, while others opt-out,
and Bob's sales team is starting to whine.

Bob uses JangoMail's system,
to manage his contacts all day,
but he needs to control his list as a whole,
and JangoMail gives him a way.

In Bob's contact list is a toolbox,
with wonderful tools to the rim.
Bob clicks on the menu, and chooses the scrub tool,
his list he is starting to trim.

The scrub tool identifies bounces.
It fixes that typo address.
It cleans all the dupes out, and solves unsubscribe doubt,
and basically fixes the mess.

Since Bob needs this scrub performed daily,
He views all the work with disdain
He mouses to grab the automate tab,
and Bob never sees it again.

With JangoMail's magical scrub tool,
Bob's job is an absolute breeze
He now spends his time making more than a dime
while his sales team are working like bees.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Meet the Team - Chris Reibold

What does keeping it real in the office, online shopping, and computer games all have in common? They have EVERYTHING to do with Chris Reibold, JangoMail's Delivery Specialist!

Meet Chris Reibold, JangoMail's
 Delivery Specialist.

1.  What is your position at JangoMail?
Delivery Specialist
2.  How long have you worked for JangoMail?
Since last October.
3.  How do you use JangoMail personally?
I use it as a relay service when sending email from my personal account so I can track opens.
4.  What do you like best about working for JangoMail?
My co-workers. I work in an office environment with colleagues who aren't afraid to speak their mind, have lots of fun, and get stuff done. Despite our ever-growing size, we still function like an energetic start-up.
5.  What feature do you like most?
Being able to track opens, clicks, and forward-to-friends, while using my own email client of choice.
6.  What is your educational background or what experience led you here?
I have an Associate's Degree in Computer Network Engineering and a Bachelor's of Science in Organizational Leadership. I have multiple years of experience in industry-leading companies, such as Time Warner Cable and LexisNexis/Reed Elsevier Technology services. With both customer service and datacenter analyst experience, I have the right mix of communications and technical skills to serve the forward-thinking customers of JangoMail.
7.  What is your favorite hobby / pastime?
I enjoy computer games, learning new musical compositions for the piano, and a mix of TV show and movie watching...of course, family time is always first.
8.  What is your guilty pleasure?
I must admit, I find a lot of fun in online shopping.
9. Do you have a catchphrase, funny saying, or personal quote?
No particular quote of funny saying, but I try to keep it real at the office.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Command Center: JangoMail Social Media and Facebook

One of JangoMail's advanced capabilities is its integration with Facebook and other social media.  JagoMail's Enterprise level email campaign manager can auto-share email campaigns with social media and Facebook.  This feature increases the audience reach of a marketing campaign or message beyond email.

Email campaigns can also be shared with Twitter and Google Plus.  Facebook and Twitter share statistics can be viewed directly on the JangoMail reporting dashboard.  This information provides a way to quantify social effectiveness, as users spread a campaign across social networks.

Leverage the power of social media to increase marketing effectiveness by embedding a Facebook Like button directly in an email campaign.  Clicking the Like button brings the recipient to a campaign page with a Facebook Like button to like a campaign.

JangoMails integration with social sharing sites also includes granular reports for social tracking of visitors.  The reports will detail who visits a page and from where and how many visitors and numbers of shares.

The new JangoMail social reporting statistics include:

  • # of Unique campaign page visitors
  • # of Visitors from Facebook
  • # of Campaign shares on Facebook
  • # of Campaign Likes on Facebook
  • # of Visitors from Twitter
  • # of Campaign shares on Twitter

Connecting Facebook with JangoMail's seamless social integration features will help to broadcast an email marketing campaign faster and with greater ease.  The net result is increased traffic and more customers.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Command Center: Triggers with Bob

By: Dave Walker
Technical Support Engineer

Bob wants to take his email marketing to the next level. He's been sending out his marketing emails, and they've been getting good results. There is, however, a lot of manual follow-up that is required. Bob's sales team spends a lot of time analyzing open and click data, and sends follow-up emails to those folks, to continue the conversation.

Bob wants to automate the process of sending follow-up emails to his customers. If a customer clicks on a link to visit the website, he wants to send them an email a little later in the day to follow-up on that visit. If they open, but don't click, he wants to send a different message a day or two later.

Bob is using JangoMail's “Triggers” feature to automate his follow-ups. He creates his follow-up messages, and saves them to his account. He then creates a trigger in his account for “Message Opened.” He links the appropriate follow-up message to that trigger. He does the same for “Link Clicked” to catch the clickers.

Now Bob's done. When his customers receive a message and open it, JangoMail will trigger the sending of a follow-up message. Bob can have this action apply to only a single message, or to all messages. He can time the follow-ups so they're sent a few minutes, hours, or days later.

Bob has used JangoMail's simple “Triggers” feature to revolutionize his customer communication, and free up sales team time for more productive things. The force is strong with this one.

Take a look at JangoMail's Trigger features for yourself. Click here for more information on how to revolutionize your own email communications.