Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Messages Gets a New Look!

With the release of our new Tagging feature, our development team has taken the opportunity to clean up and streamline the appearance of Messages and improve sorting functionality.

You'll now notice a sleeker presentation of campaign information. Campaign subject lines are neatly displayed with sent date and recipient count below. Messages in progress with no subject lines will be indicated by No subject.

With the new "Sort by" option, sorting messages becomes that much easier. Choose to sort campaign by newest, oldest, most recipients, or subject line.

This updated layout allows for the implementation of JangoMail's new Tagging feature. Tagging brings a new level of organization to your messages. Group together many campaigns with a single purpose; separate seemingly identical messages to identify them at a glance. Interested in using this new feature? Contact Support to request it!

Thursday, December 04, 2014

Meet the Team - Angel Ellis

What does Star Wars, reading, and movie quotes all have in common? They have EVERYTHING to do with Angel Ellis, JangoMail's Onboarding Specialist!

Meet Angel Ellis, JangoMail's
 Onboarding Specialist
1.  What is your position at JangoMail?
Onboarding Specialist
2.  How long have you worked for JangoMail?
Since May 2013
3.  What do you like best about working for JangoMail?
I enjoy the people of JangoMail most.  Our team has created a helpful and enjoyable place to work while striving towards improvement both individually and as a team.  Professionally, each of us has specific strengths to put forth.  Relationally, we're all quirky individuals.  Altogether, it makes working for JangoMail a fun and fulfilling experience.
 4.  What feature do you like most?
Personalization.  Whether it's simply adding a first name to make it personal or employing conditional logic to tailor a completely unique message for your recipient, personalization can truly set you apart from other marketers.  The possibilities are limited purely by your imagination.
5.  What is your educational background or what experience led you here?
My educational background is in Biblical Studies, and I have customer service experience.
6.  What is your favorite hobby / pastime?
I would definitely say reading or spending time with family and friends.  Whether it's a lazy night in or an evening combo of dinner and a movie, I love both! Also, I'm a closet nerd that thoroughly enjoys Star Wars and Lord of the Rings.  While I certainly haven't read them all, I am enjoying the ones I am.  Bring on the books! 
7.  What is your guilty pleasure?
Chocolate.  Specifically, Dove Milk Chocolate and Kit Kats!
8. Any interesting facts you'd like to share?
I have a tendency to use quotes from movies or TV shows as standard fare in conversation.  It isn't always something obvious!  It could be a completely normal phrase with the right inflection that calls to mind a certain movie.  Most of the time, I just get blank stares in response, but there are those rare times when I get a look that says, "I understand that reference!"

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Command Center: The Value of Using the JangoMail Sub-Account Feature

How do you manage multiple email marketing campaigns for different clients, departments, or organizations in a JangoMail account?  Use the JangoMail sub-account feature.

To access Sub-Accounts, after you've called JangoMail,
go to 'My Account' and click the 'Sub-Account' tab.
Sub-accounts have multiple uses in a customer-centric relationship management program including:

  • Tailored email marketing campaigns
  • One-to-one customer service
  • Customer retention programs
  • Building brand loyalty
  • Providing information to customers
  • Subscription billing
  • Managing rewards programs

The sub-account feature allows you to set up and manage multiple user accounts within a main JangoMail account.  Each sub-account has a unique user name, password, and from address domain. All managed by the administrator within a main account.

The account settings such as header/footer and unsubscribe list can be unique to each sub-account or can use the master accounts settings.  The main account administrator maintains complete control in setting up and monitoring these parameters for each sub-account.

Once a sub-account is set up, contact lists and email marketing campaigns can then be created and stored in each sub-account folder, separate from other sub-accounts.  The sub-account can be managed either directly through the login or through the master account.  This simplifies management and organization of multiple email campaigns for various customers, departments, or organizations.

The sub-accounts created in a master account are functionally separate, and are not billed individually for usage.  The billing is done only for the main account to allow for the lowest cost per email of the combined total sending volume, a true cost savings.

To set up this feature, call a JangoMail expert at 1-888-465-2646.  Once your master account is confirmed, log in and go to 'My Account'.  Select the 'Sub-Accounts' tab and click 'add a new item,' which will open a new window where you can create a username, password, from address, domain, and sub-account settings.  Once everything is entered, Save your settings and, congratulations, you just create a new sub-account.  It's that easy!

Using the JangoMail sub-account feature allows for the flexibility that marketing, design, public relations, communication, and other business types need to simplify their account management.  All the billing and email marketing services are met by the needs of multiple customers.

Thursday, November 06, 2014

Meet the Team - Jaime Holton

What does peanut farming, kettle chips, and four sevens all have in common? They have EVERYTHING to do with Jaime Holton, JangoMail's Senior Accountant!

Meet Jaime Holton, JangoMail's
Senior Accountant.
1.  What is your position at JangoMail?
Senior Accountant
2.  How long have you worked for JangoMail?
Since May 2013
3.  What do you like best about working for JangoMail?
The family environment.
4.  What is your educational background or what experience led you here?
I have an Associate's Degree in Business Management and just finished my Bachelor's Degree in English / Sociology.  I have been in accounting since 2006.
5.  What is your favorite hobby / pastime?
Anything sports related.
6.  What is your guilty pleasure?
Kettle Chips
7.  Any interesting facts you'd like to share?
I'm a farmer's daughter.  My dad was a cotton and peanut farmer, and a rancher.  I grew up driving tractors and working cattle.  I believe in a strong work ethic.
8.  Do you have a catchphrase, funny saying, or personal quote?
I don't, but I hate the saying, "It is what it is."  This tells me that there is no way to change or improve whatever you are talking about.
9.  Anything else you'd like to share about yourself?
My birthday is 7/7/77 and everyone says I must have good luck.  I do not.  Do not take me gambling.  You will lose all your money.  I don't even try anymore.

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Command Center: Bob Discovers the JangoMail API

By: JangoMail Development
Bob's business is growing. Bob's sales staff needs to use email to make more connections with leads, and to promote more sales to existing customers. Bob's sales staff, however, isn't so great at learning new things. Bob already has his own software to run his business, and his sales staff doesn't like going outside of it to use other tools.

Bob needs his sales staff to use JangoMail's tools, but he wants them to do so directly from his own sales software. After all, his IT and development staff have worked hard to make his software work very well for his purposes.

That's why Bob uses the JangoMail API. API stands for Application Programming Interface. The JangoMail API lets Bob's developer connect his software directly to JangoMail.

Now Bob's sales staff can create messages, build contact lists, and send campaigns directly from Bob's own software. Bob's sales software, with JangoMail's API, brings more power, success, and money to Bob's organization.

But wait, there's more! The JangoMail API gives Bob's software access to reporting, transactional and campaign sending, contact management, account management, and many more features. Almost everything you can do within JangoMail can be done through the JangoMail API. Check for bounces. Count your opens. Do it all!

If you act now, we'll also include the ability to make requests through SOAP, HTTP GET, or HTTP POST. We'll even let you pull the data as string, .NET dataset, or XML.

All of this, AND MORE, for the great low, low price of nothing in addition to your normal subscription costs. That's right, access to the API is free for JangoMail customers. Yes, even free trial customers.

Want to know more about how the JangoMail API like Bob does? Click here to read more. You'll be cool if you do it, just like Bob.

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Meet the Team - Gayle Barcus

What does a chocolate addiction, reading, and quick wit all have in common? They have EVERYTHING to do with Gayle Barcus, JangoMail's Customer Service Representative!

Meet Gayle Barcus, JangoMail's
 Customer Service Representative.
1.  What is your position at JangoMail?
Customer Service Representative
2.  How long have you worked for JangoMail?
Since May 2013
3.  What do you like best about working for JangoMail?
The close-knit group of employees and the company's attention to customer service.
4.  What feature do you like most?
My favorite features are the delivery health check and the delivery optimizer tools. A lot of our customers do not know they can start the troubleshooting process on their own.
5.  What is your educational background or what experience led you here?
I have an Associate's Degree in Mental Health, but my extensive Customer Service experience led me to this job.
6.  What is your favorite hobby / pastime?
Reading and spending time with my friends and family.
7.  What is your guilty pleasure?
8. Any interesting facts you'd like to share?
My only sister is 20 years younger than me and we both have the same parents!
9. Do you have a catchphrase, funny saying, or personal quote?
With my quick wit and good timing, everything I say is funny...haha!
10. Anything else you'd like to share about yourself?
For the first time in a long time, I genuinely love my job and the people I work with, customers and coworkers alike.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Meet the Team - Sarah Dyer

What does a beach house in Mexico, 'So You Think You Can Dance,' and the JangoMail team all have in common? They have EVERYTHING to do with Sarah Dyer, JangoMail's Customer Service Manager!

1.  What is your position at JangoMail?
Meet Sarah Dyer, JangoMail's
 Customer Service Manager.
Customer Service Manager 
 2.  How long have you worked for JangoMail?
About nine years
3.  How do you use JangoMail personally?
When my youngest daughter was born, I used JangoMail to send out birth announcements.  My friends and family were able to see my daughter before we even left the hospital.  This was before Facebook was really a thing.
 4.  What do you like best about working for JangoMail?
I love the team here.  Everyone is so incredibly good at what they do and take ownership for their part of making JangoMail great.
5.  What is your favorite JangoMail feature?
I love how flexible JangoMail can be.  We can handle the small local store around the corner to the large Fortune 500 company without flinching!
6.  What is your educational background or what experience led you here?
I have a BS in Business Administration and find myself using it to help our customers grow their business in addition to managing our team.  I also spent seven years at JangoMail working in accounting before this amazing opportunity presented itself.
7.  What is your favorite hobby / pastime?
I love spending time with my hubby and two kids, relaxing and watching more TV than I'd care to admit, and dreaming of owning a home in Mexico someday.  I love business and talking business with my entrepreneur husband.  We also enjoy leading a Financial Peace University class at our church. 
8.  What is your guilty pleasure?
I'm addicted to the show, 'So You Think You Can Dance'.  I watch every episode (at least once), I've also been out to see them live, and have managed to get my oldest daughter addicted too.
9. Any interesting facts you'd like to share?
I have moved 11 times in my life.  I've lived in seven states and Ohio is the first place I've lived with a real winter.
 10. Do you have a catchphrase, funny saying, or personal quote?
My team here teases me because if my eyes aren't on them, I don't hear them...unless Kim is talking - then I catch every word!
 11. Anything else you'd like to share about yourself?
Someday you will find me owning a beach house in Mexico.  It's going to happen!