Tuesday, January 22, 2008

JangoMail is on the Habeas SafeList!

Today, Habeas has completed its audit of JangoMail and has added JangoMail's list of shared sending IP addresses to the Habeas SafeList. This means even higher deliverability rates for all JangoMail clients using the shared IP addresses. According to Habeas, the SafeList is the "industry's most widely-used Internet whitelisting service for legitimate commercial senders" and being SafeListed results in "improved delivery to over five million servers at Fortune 1000 companies and ISPs around the world".

Here is Habeas's 2 page PDF document on the benefits of being on the SafeList:

Below is a chart summarizing delivery rate improvements in Habeas SafeListed senders:

In addition to the JangoMail shared pool of IP addresses being added to the SafeList, any emails sent through a SafeListed IP address will have these additional headers added to the e-mail message:

Accreditor: Habeas
X-Habeas-Report: Please report use of this mark in spam to http://www.habeas.com/report/