Thursday, January 17, 2008

Super Reporting in Beta

It's here! Login to your account, go to Reporting, and then click the link to try our new Super Reporting (Beta) and get these enhancements:

  • Deliverability reports by domain
  • AJAX-based campaign summary report with statistics that update right before your eyes, without refreshing your browser.
  • All reports are searchable
  • Bars, charts, and graphs
  • View metrics never seen before - like complaints per campaign, mailbox-full messages per campaign.
  • Self-diagnose deliverability issues by viewing the actual SMTP log file for any recipient for any campaign.
  • Time based reports showing opens/clicks/unsubscribes/bounces/page views hour by hour or day by day after a campaign launch
  • A Recipient Action summary report showing whether each recipient opened/clicked/unsubscribed/bounced/forwarded...all in one report.
  • Bounces now show the SMTP bounce code.
  • View the processing log for a campaign, showing how your campaign was processed from start to finish.
  • Click tracking broken down by HTML clicks vs. plain text clicks.

Note: You can always switch back to the "Classic Reporting" interface.