Friday, January 11, 2008

New Feature: Email Rendering

We have launched a new feature in beta - an Email Rendering Tool that allows you to see how your e-mail campaign renders in popular e-mail environments like Yahoo! Mail, GMail, AOL Mail, Outlook, and others, before you send to your actual list.

We are currently rendering in the following environments and plan to add more soon:
  1. AOL Mail
  2. GMail
  3. Hotmail
  4. Microsoft Outlook 2007
  5. Mozilla Thunderbird
  6. Windows Mail
  7. Yahoo! Mail
To use this feature, just click the Render button in the yellow bar on the Send E-mail page.

Here's an example of e-mail rendering from our client, Popcorn Palace (

AOL Mail


Microsoft Outlook 2007

Windows Mail


Yahoo! Mail

Mozilla Thunderbird


JangoMail is the only Email Service Provider to a) develop this feature from scratch and b) provide this feature free-of-charge to all users. A few of our competitors that have this feature license the technology from third parties and charge for it on a per-incident basis.